The Witch's Eye is the Third Eye, the power of intuition The Witch's Eye is the Third Eye, the power of intuition The Witch's Eye is the Third Eye, the power of intuition The Witch's Eye is the Third Eye, the power of intuition

       by Suzanne K. McAnna

Tarot through the Witch’s Eye

The Book!

Tarot through the Witch’s Eye: Tarot Wisdom for Magical and Personal Transformation  presents Tarot wisdom, insights, original spreads, ritual and spellwork gathered from Suzanne’s many years of experience as teacher and practitioner of Tarot, magic and witchcraft.

Tarot through the Witch’s Eye


Tarot Magic, Spellwork, and Ritual

The Major Arcana: Patterns of Wisdom

The Minor Arcana: Pips and Court

Reading Tarot

Tarot for the Wheel of the Year

Tarot Magic and the Goddess: twelve

   Goddess rituals and spreads

Tarot Magic for Self-Exploration : the

   Chakras and the Labyrinth 

Goddess resources

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        Tarot through the Witch’s Eye is also available for purchase            at Ancient Mysteries and BookWoman in Austin, Texas.  
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May this book inspire you to begin or enhance your Tarot experience, to try out for yourself the Tarot magical and ritual workings here, and to create and share your own. Blessed be, Suzanne
The approach I’ve taken in Tarot through the Witch’s Eye has enriched and deepened my own relationship with Tarot and with magic. I am grateful to be able to offer what I’ve learned in more than 30 years of studying, teaching, and experiencing Tarot.
 The book is especially intended for you if you have background or interest in  magic or witchcraft, and want to explore Tarot as a tool for magic or ritual.
This book is for you if the subject matter calls to you, whether you are a beginner, an experienced Tarotist, or somewhere in between.
What people are saying ~
“As powerful as it is beautiful…Your book is by my altar and I consult it regularly, mostly on the meaning of specific cards.” “Your book is gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Your depth of experience and your desire to be helpful and accessible to your readers is apparent and appreciated.”
“…One of the best and most insightful Tarot teachers I’ve ever studied with.” “…I want to recommend Suzanne McAnna’s Tarot through the Witch’s Eye…I did the Council of the Wise, an ancestor spread, today and it’s really powerful stuff.” “It’s wonderful and I really appreciate that it’s spiral bound!!! Perfect!!!” “Wow, having witnessed some of the content being developed I knew there would be a lot of excellent detail but I’m blown away--a treasure trove I can’t wait to explore.”
“Brilliant and inspiring…This is the most exciting Tarot book on the market right now.”
    Tarot through the Witch’s Eye      is now available on Amazon!