Tarot Wisdom for Personal and Magical Transformation

The Witch’s Eye is the Third Eye, the seat of intuition and insight. Tarot through the Witch’s Eye is Tarot seen from a witch’s perspective. Perceived through the Witch’s Eye, Tarot is a vehicle for magic and spellcraft. A tool of ritual. An opening to insight, understanding, and communication among the worlds. I initially learned and consulted Tarot for divination and self-insight. Using the cards as magical tools came to me only over time. This is now a key focus in my reading and teaching of Tarot: the cards offer us magic, as well as wisdom, if we are willing to claim it. In my Tarot practice, teaching and writing I emphasize patterns and relationships, creative intuition as well as study, and integration of Tarot into ritual and spiritual practice. Let’s do Tarot together! Suzanne K. McAnna
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